"Until we starting using Slice we were missing sales opportunities. Slice has enabled us to visualize the value of social data as a business driver and that has propelled our sales. Data is only as good as its ability to be consumed. Thanks Slice!"

Pete Santora
Founder & CEO

It's as easy as...

1. Load your data from a spreadsheet or URL

2. Create interactive data visualizations and reports

3. Share with colleagues and clients

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When your data needs to shine, Slice is the answer to help you visualize, explore, present, and share. 

Wow your audience
The most impressive way to start productive conversations about your data

Advanced visualizations
Create beautiful, interactive visualizations to deliver new insights into the data

Share and share alike
Easily share online with co-workers or clients, or publish your report to a public URL

Ditch boring PPT/XLS
Sick of sending around old-school PowerPoint or Excel files to communicate data? 

Best practices baked in
Built on Juice's dashboard design expertise to create beautiful, logical data presentations

No IT required
Slice is a hosted solution and requires no technical expertise to create amazing dashboards

"Using Slice enabled us to focus on the data and content and not on the underlying technology. We have been richly rewarded for this decision [to use Slice]. Slice enabled us to get from idea to launch rapidly."

Kevin O'Hara

"A popular saying in business is "Innovate or Evaporate". Juice Analytics' solution has helped Kids Enabled, a non-profit organization, enable the donor, advertiser, and sponsor data - which previously laid flat on a king-sized spreadsheet - to actually wake up and dance - for external groups including the BOD and future clients as well."

Eric Smith
Business Development Director
THRIVE Farmers